This is my entry for the Billy Blue, Change Your World contest (held on DeviantArt). It includes a photograph and photoshop effects/manipulations created by me.

Reflective Statement
This work titled ‘Framed’ is a representation of how I wish to change my world through perspective and imaginative recognition. To look at that which exists around us, and appreciate through new eyes the varied degrees of life, nature and soul, captured and signified to our own self, with unique interpretations.

I began this project with a clear intention of what I wanted to artistically compose. I wanted there to be a significance of what was around the main focal point (the frame) and to see through this, but also make this the element of understanding in itself. To take our perception of what we see and refocus to see beneath our first glance.

Often that which is around us can become familiar, normal and may not seem in anyway artistic, creative or even worthy of our time. I live in a rural community with a lot of bushland and I wanted to embrace this as a way to show that if we look through what is there, to really appreciate and magnify all the life and breath there is no more familiarity, we are looking at what has not been discovered to us before, because all is changing.

A photograph means something different to each person. For me personally, they are very important, precious and reminders of both the past and the future. I wanted to also use this as a way that each person is able to connect with their own feelings and emotions. Although in the frame their are no ‘photographs’, they are created through the bushland around and the intention of framing creates a heightened level of appreciation.

My hope is that I have been able to create a work that sparks a unique insight to what is around us. For anyone who sees this to look at their own world and see moments they may have otherwise missed. To be more aware and in touch.

– – – –

Learning & Developing
Through entries in this contest it has really enabled me to grow in an imaginative way. I have been able to push my creative boundaries further and allow a deeper creative conscious to tap into new ideas and expression. Even if I do not win any prizes in the contest, the greatest significance will be that I have awakened on many different levels, and can only move forward to new adventures.