Graphic Designer Skills Infographic Poster

Graphic Designer Skills Infographic Poster by Kassy O'Shea

My infographic focuses on the competencies of the graphic designer in professional practice. I have sourced data from the Australian Skills Classification (Jobs and Skills Australia, 2023), Labour Market Insights (Australian Government, 2023) and O*Net (2023).

The data provided insight into the critical skills that a graphic designer needs. The competencies were broken into seven key areas of skills, knowledge, abilities, activities, interests, values and demands. Within each area, 20 or 6 topics were listed with a title, description and relevant percentage to the design industry.

My ideation for the design involved mind mapping, sketching and visual inspiration. I was drawn to a space theme because it allowed me to place the designer at the centre of a creative universe. I could indicate each competency area by adding rings around a central figure of an illustrated representation of the designer. I discovered that placing 20 topics on each ring was too crowded. To rectify this problem, I added the top 8 from each area and combined the Interests and Values.

The project’s prototyping phase allowed me to construct the infographic and seek feedback. I received critical comments highlighting multiple areas of concern, allowing me to improve and refine the infographic.

The design of the infographic incorporates the use of visual elements and design principles to create a unique design reflecting my chosen field. The typography, colours, icons and illustration are selected for their distinguishing features to create an interesting and dynamic design. 


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