Inspired by Simon Oxley

Inspired by Simon Oxley

Many moons ago (around 2007), when I first became interested in digital illustrations, I spent a lot of time browsing stock image websites. I wasn’t confident enough to create vectors myself and would purchase files to use on projects.

One of the artists I discovered was Simon Oxley. I was drawn to his unique style, vibrant colours and use of minimal elements to tell a story.

You may know Simon’s work from the original Twitter bird, Github Octocat and many more (please check out his profile if you’re not familiar!

Over the past 13 years, I have learned to play and love creating vector imagery. Simon’s designs have been an inspiration to my work, and I am thankful that all those years ago, I discovered his portfolio.

Note: This work has been inspired by numerous creations by Simon Oxley. It is not my intention to copy or steal his work or style, only to pay my respect and give thanks.