Introspection Past

Introspection is a series of three compositions that examine identity through the theme of reflection from a past, present and future perspective.

Each piece explores the artist’s mental, psychological, and emotional state through traditional media, abstraction and digital manipulation. The works are inspired by an analysis of the self and the collective forces that define the individual at distinct moments in time. Additionally, each piece was influenced by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, Edward Munch, Egon Schiele, Henri Matisse, Lee Krasner, and Mark Tobey and the ways identity and emotion are explored.

The Past

Introspection Past

The past is a place of conflict, delusion and fear. The self is lost, uncertain and ashamed to face the audience. The eyes look away, the mouth frowns, and the darkness frames the face, while the textural cracks of reality break the lines between figure and ground. The composition uses charcoal drawing, abstract painting and digital manipulation in Photoshop to emphasise the turmoil of the past. Dark tones create a sense of apprehension by surrounding the face and carrying through with shadows around the eyes and mouth. The textural lines of the abstract painting distress the figure and accentuate the intention.

The Present

Introspection Present

The present is an awakening, the birth of a journey in acknowledging and accepting the self. The fragmented experiences of the past are remoulded with emerging knowledge as transformations slowly begin to unfold. The composition is composed of pastels, abstract painting, and digital editing in Photoshop. The dynamic between dark tones and brushes of colour are separated between the facial features and background to suggest the emerging metamorphosis from within.

The Future

Introspection Future

The future radiates an eruption of creativity and confidence. Inner strength and acceptance manifest through the interconnection of knowledge, emotion and expression. Tomorrow is different, unexplored and open to great possibilities. The work is constructed with a fineliner strippling technique, abstract painting, and digital modification in Photoshop. The strippling forms the figure through numerous small dots, which reflect the multiple layers and dimensions of individuality and the connection of components that comprise the whole. The vibrant colours, patterns and textures create an expression of movement adhering to a rhythm of change.