Scanography: Order and Chaos

Scanography: Order and Chaos

The imagery within Scanography: Order and Chaos reflects the fragility of human experience and how the veil between order and chaos is entwined in a visual archive influencing our understanding and perception of reality.

Scanography: Order and Chaos is a work of 80 scanogram photographs using 40 subjects in structured and abstracted forms, which highlight the order and chaos of the human experience and the evolution of the photographic and visual processes in the construct of actuality and abstraction, truth and fiction and creation and meaning. 

The work explores human experience using visual signs (or semiotics), highlighting four key areas of the human condition: the intellectual, physical, emotional and social. The placement of the organised and abstracted imagery creates a dynamic of order and chaos in which the viewer may associate with the external (the objects themselves) or internal (symbolism and metaphor). 

Parallel to the reflection of the human experience is how aesthetics within art and photography have continually battled for photography to be one form or another – representing reality or art itself. In the contemporary post-photographic moment, the combined histories and practices inform our understanding that photography has a malleability in which it can have dualistic meanings and interpretations. 

The COVID pandemic is an example of how our perceived ideals of structure can be overturned into levels of disorder that permeate beyond the virus itself into levels of misinformation, mistrust and re-examination of the forces and structures which regulate the systems in which we live. 

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