The Lingering Unconscious 

The Lingering Unconscious

The Lingering Unconscious is a surrealistic arrangement of found imagery with distinctive shape or textural qualities, formulated into a six-page composition based on coherence and visual interest. 

Meaning is intended to engage with the viewer’s past experiences and is open to multiple interpretations of order, chaos, hope, fragility and self-examination. For instance, the figure may represent the self, and the symbology of the cactus juxtaposed with the moon and butterfly may indicate overcoming personal challenges. 

The composition finds inspiration from Brooks Shane Salzwedel and his multi-dimensional mixed media imagery. In addition, the work of Sol LeWitt, with his minimal use of lines, assisted in the ideation of utilising linework to develop pattern, texture, continuity and rhythm.

Each page functions with the other to establish a collective whole made up of individual elements which establish uniformity based on the gestalt principles of visual coherence. The position of elements intersect with each other to appoint engaging visual interest.

Completed for VPA211 Materials & Image Development at CSU.